From Edinburgh by Joseph Lee, written on 16th of August 2018 / by Israel Aloni

As I was performing in Edinburgh Festival Fringe, I couldn’t physically be present in the first residency in Hong Kong, but then I came up with an idea of conducting “workshop” from afar, with the help of another local choreographer, Cherry Leung, in light of putting idea of transformation into the process of creation by passing on my initial ideas to another artist and see how that will change the expected outcome, or even the process itself.

It turned out to be interesting enough as she was not in the discussion process beforehand, so she only knew little about the theme of the project except the bits that I’ve told her, and that actually allows her to change the structure of the workshop according to what interests her at that moment under the notion of “transformation”.

Hopefully I will get to see that live soon and be involved in it, so see you all in Tanzmesse in two days!!