it will come later - reflections by Joseph Lee / by Israel Aloni


by Joseph Lee

It’s about collective efforts to work as a collective, so there’s inevitable struggle to pull together

what we believe, whilst push away others to stay individual as everyone wants to be seen as

unique, perhaps we are too used to be unique.

So it’s not about collectiveness, it’s about otherness.

We define, re-define, re-redefine what others means to us.

What we can accept, what we can’t. What defines us as an creator. What defines us to be as equal

as the one seated. What can’t define us. Who to define. Who defines.

Or what we heard so often in the process, “Name it.”

We also name.

We name to define.

We push to survive.

No matter how close we get, we are still on our own, yet, the stronger we use our body to sustain

as one, the more rewarding we can expect at the end.

It’s not about the process, but how the process leading to the end. If we don’t see the end of the

show as the end, you might then realize, what will come later.