In 2014 the artists in iCoDaCo created FYRA. A playful, yet dramatic piece, which examines the borderline between the responsibility to develop a representative art work and that which inspired the fur artists in the collective to approach the process from a playful and curious standpoint.


The piece encapsulates the dynamic personal relationships which were developed between the artists throughout the process. The four artists felt a strong connection amongst them surrounding the notion of home and belonging. Being internationally working artists, they could all find a way to connect and relate to one another around the notion of home and belonging.

FYRA is the Swedish word for four. The piece is revealing the genuine, whimsical and encouraging nature of four individuals in the collective and how through a very sporadic process, they managed to create a collective identity that served as their temporary home.

Makers, performers, designers:
Israel Aloni
Lee Brummer
Gwyn Emberton
Ido Batash