iCoDaCo 2016

In 2016, iCoDaCo took on the unique model that has given it its clarity and power. This was the first year that the specially gathered collective focused entirely on co-creating a new collective work without the presentation of individual works. A collective of artists from Sweden, Wales and Finland, with collaborators with Scotland, develop a new work called BABULUS.

This new approach allowed the collective a much deeper and genuine exchange both amongst themselves and between the collective as a whole and the communities in which they worked.

To read more about BABULUS click here.

Participating artists in 2016:
Israel Aloni
Lee Brummer
Gwyn Emberton
Eddie Ladd
Johanna Nuutinen


iCoDaCo 2014

The first time the project was called iCoDaCo - International Contemporary Dance Collective and directed the focus more towards the collaborative and co-creation aspects which are nowadays so profound and defining to the project.

In 2014 each of the artists in the collective presented an individual work in a shared evening which also included a piece which was  specifically co-created for throughout the project and for the unique context of the meeting between the artists. The piece, called FYRA, was progressively made throughout a process of residencies in Sweden, Israel and Wales.

It examined the authenticity within a creative processes where both work and play are essential attributes for a progression to accrue.

Participating artists in 2014:
Gwyn Emberton
Ido Batash
Lee Brummer
Israel Aloni
Avidan Ben Giat
Laerke Appelon
Jozsef Forro

2012 - first initiative

In 2012 ilDance initiated ilDance & Friends Contemporary Dance Gala which involved an array of contemporary dance by international artists and toured across Sweden.

The program presented a diverse and dynamic collection of voices by emerging artists. One of the works in the program was by the winner of ilDance’s international choreography competition. The first prize of the competition was to present the work in the context of the international gala.

Besides the performances, the group of international artists also met the local dance community through masterclasses and  practice sharing workshops as well as interacted with the the general public through artists talks.

The ilDance & Friends Contemporary Dance Gala was the cornerstone for what would later become iCoDaCo.

Participating artists in 2012:
Idan Sharabi
Lee Brummer
Israel Aloni
Sharon Vazanna
Stephan Delattre
Keren Rosenberg
Troy Ogilvie
Ravid Abarbanel
Dana Zeharia
Angela Herenda
Joris Bergmans
Prêle Mainfroy