The Partners


ilDance (Sweden)

An international and independent contemporary dance company and organisation which initiates and operates several pioneer and international projects. The company was founded in 2012 by its current Artistic Directors, Israel Aloni and Lee Brummer and it is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

ilDance also invests in the evolution of artists at all stages, from education and through to professional practice, and throughout the year they facilitate many activities which reveal the making processes of contemporary dance to non-dancer audiences.

ilDance’s  activities and productions vary in size and content from intimate and personal to large and global. They mount original contemporary dance productions as well as work with other international choreographers and continually collaborate with other organisations on projects that enhance and stimulate the visibility of contemporary dance and its impact on our society. By doing so, ilDance bridges and connects between numerous aspects of contemporary dance on local, regional, national and international scales.

ilDance initiated iCoDaCo in 2012 and has been a key collaborator in all of the project’s editions. In 2018 - 2020 ilDance is the leader of the international cooperation project funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.

The team members of ilDance who are mainly involved in the management of iCoDaCo are Artistic Director - Israel Aloni and Resources Coordinator - Koen Braak.


Gwyn Emberton Dance (Wales)

One of Wales’ leading dance companies. It was originally set up by Welsh choreographer and dancer Gwyn Emberton as a place to make and perform his own work. This followed his career as a dancer, with choreographers such as Akram Khan, Matthew Bourne and Inbal Pinto. The company regularly tours within the UK, Europe and further afield, receiving wide critical acclaim. GED's work has won numerous awards in Wales and was selected to be part of British Dance Edition in 2016.

In Gwyn’s own work and in the projects the company supports such as with iCoDaCo, GED seeks to draw on contemporary issues, whilst responding to the influence of other art forms on dance theatre practice. This in the hope that in our work we can propose new questions and challenge audiences' perceptions about their own communities.

The company is currently developing a new approach to how it can support the provision of dance across Wales. This will be through participatory opportunities such as the Gwyn Emberton Dance Summer School with The Hafren, pre and post vocational training, and engagement with local communities, all with a particular focus on offering dance to those who have limited access to professional dance practice.


SÍN Arts and Culture  (Hungary)

Working in the field of contemporary performing arts, and dedicated to promote Hungarian performing arts on a national and European scale.

The organisation’s main purpose is to discover, train and support young talents. By doing so, SÍN wishes to promote the production of high quality work and aim to distribute it throughout Europe.

To achieve these goals the organisation provides the necessary conditions to companies and artists who do not have their own rehearsal spaces.

SÍN emphasises the importance of professional assistance, as it wishes to ensure a long-term career for the artists. Therefore, the team member at SÍN give their best artistic and professional advice, and as co-producer the organisation is able to provide management background.

SÍN Culture Centre wishes to develop a community of performing artists: the assistance that the organisation offers the artists can vary from occasional or individual cooperation to long-term partnerships.

Anikó Rácz is SÍN’s team member who is conducting the collaboration with iCoDaCo 2018 - 2020 with assistance from Dóra Trifonov and the rest of the SÍN team.


Krakow Choreographic Centre - Nowa Huta Cultural Centre (POLAND)

Krakow Choreographic Centre is a department of Nowa Huta Cultural Centre, dedicated to work in the field of contemporary dance, established in 2014. It works on a local, national and international scope, as a Centre of thought, education and artistic creativity. Its mission is presentation, promotion and professionalization of dance, with special emphasis on contemporary dance and dance theatre. KCC strives to create opportunities for interdisciplinary activities and networking. The Centre offers its space to independent artists, by providing proper working conditions as well as by enabling them to turn their own projects into reality. KCC helps young dancers in making their first professional steps and supports the more experienced ones in their development. It pays particular attention to alumnus of dance vocational schools, who commence their artistic careers and wish to create their own choreography. Furthermore, KCC supports the national and international circulation of dance performances by the regular presentation of the latest Polish and foreign productions.

Krakow Choreographic Centre organizes: Contemporary Dance Festival SPACER, residency festival BalletOFFFestival and choreographic competition 3…2…1…DANCE!. It conducts regular classes of contemporary dance for children, adolescents and adults at various levels and cooperates with teachers from Poland and abroad. Since 2017 Krakow Choreographic Centre is a member and co-founder of Polish Dance Network.

Marta Wołowiec, Agata Moląg & Dorota Kawęcka are the key individuals in the organisation who are stealing the engagement and collaboration with iCoDaCo 2018-2020.


And Partners (Hong Kong)

And Partners was found by cultural manager Jacqueline Wong in 2011. The company has been providing management support to art projects and cultural institutions from Hong Kong in different scales, including the Taipo Youth Art Festival and Oil Street Art Space. Besides working under the name of the company, Jacqueline Wong has also produced international projects in a role of independent producer. She is currently based in Hong Kong and Berlin.

Jacqueline is also the key coordinator of iCoDaCo in Hong Kong.